Build an AI Chatbot to Convert Leads like Crazy

An AI chatbot can be a great way to increase your conversion of leads on your website by 2–4x. It’s easier than ever to get started and they are way to engage with future clients.

And in this article, I’m going to go over a step-by-step guide showing you how you can build a chatbot for real estate professionals to convert more people on your website.

While this is a specific tutorial the principles can be applied to any kind of business. You just need to get creative to figure out what it is you want to accomplish with your bot.

You could be getting up to 2–4x lead conversion using these new tools!

Lets Get Started

For this example we are going to be using Voiceflow. Voiceflow makes it super easy to build AI based chatbots that you can easily deploy on our website. You can head over there and get started for free.

After making an account it’s time to first plan out what we want our chatbot to do.

For this example I want to collect 2 different kinds of information. I want to collect information from buyers who want to buy a property and then i want to collect information from sellers who want to sell their property.

Once the information is collected I want it to be sent over to my CRM (or whatever tool you use to manage leads) and then send the client or customer a follow up to let them know a representative is on the way.

This process will look different for each industry so plan yours out accordingly and think of all the kinds of information you want to capture.

For buyers: Name, Email, Phone, Location, Price, Amenities

For sellers: Name, Email, Phone, Location of Property, Selling Price

Like I mentioned you can adjust this to your needs but its best to list out the kind of information you want beforehand so you can set up a flow for how the user will input information.

Take some time to think this out and if you want set up a flow chart in something like figma to help guide you mentally through the user experience in the bot.

Time To Build

Now head over to Voiceflow and let’s get started.

You can login and then make a new bot. You can click on “New Assisntant” in the top right corner and click on “Build AI Assistant” to make a template.

Voiceflow Menu

Then once you are inside your new bot, its time to get building!

You are going to want to remove all the template information and then add a new “Talk -> Text” card and link it to the start. You can add additional text cards to get the bot to say multiple messages. I have an example here with 2 text cards.

The initial bot

Then once you have the basics going it’s time to have some fun. You can get as creative as you want but what I’m going to start with is to ask the user if they want to buy or sell with my agency. I prompt them with a “Listen -> Buttons” and prompt them with a buy or sell button.

Buttons image

Then depending on the what the user selects it sends them to different workflows.

Buy and Sell flows

In the image you can see the different flows. Of where it takes the user. Its prompts them with some text bubbles and then at the bottom of each one we are using another event “Listen -> Capture” This will let the user input whatever they want into the chatbot. We can store those inputs as variables and use them in the bot later on. (to maybe send to a CRM)

I set the sell capture to sell_location

You can keep doing this as long as you would like to collect as much information as possible.

The AI

Another thing I like doing and the “AI” part of this is to use the “AI -> Response AI” boxes.

AI response

In image you can see I have the AI response after the user inputs their location. That gets stored as a variable {buy_location}. Then that variable can be used in the prompt for the AI in the “Response AI”.

You can see my prompt in the image but what it does is it takes any input for the question “What locations are you thinking about?” and gives a response. “(Insert location) is a great place to move to!” This way the AI can give personalized feedback based on what the user said in the previous response.

Then the user is prompted with another question to continue the workflow of the chatbot. You can make this as sophisticated as you want but thats the basic idea.

And then at the end i converge each of the flows for buy and sell to also collect the users name email and phone as its the same for both.

The final flow for the chatbot.

You can continue to ask questions and set the variables to retrieve the information.

From There

And thats basically it! Until…. how do we use this information.

Well thats the tricky part and it depends on what software you currently use. You could use tools like zapier and API calls to then send the data with the variables to your dashboard and then that also triggers something to send an email to your prospect. This makes the feedback instant for them and keeps them in the loop with your business.

Once again it depends on how you implement this with your business but it basically allows a 24/7 stand by agent to help anyone with the initial step of the process which is one of the hardest parts of getting leads and clients.

If you would like to see an in depth review check out my YouTube where I build this from scratch. Check it out here.

Also if you would like to get the template for this chatbot so you can import this exact same one into your site you can download it here.

Work with me!

If you liked this tutorial and you need help implementing this for yourself book a FREE 15 min consultation call on my website Horizon Labs! At Horizon I help companies implement tools and tech like this to make more money for them while also saving time!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out! Happy building!

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