How to make bulk personalized cold emails with AI

AI is changing everything.

And I’m on a mission to help business owners and entrepreneurs implement this technology as easily as possible.

Today I want to show you a simple trick using a new service that Ive been using to make me bulk personalized cold emails for my email campaigns all using AI.

Why use AI in cold email?

When running traditional cold email campaigns its hard to stand out to potential clients among the thousands of emails they get sent.

What do most people do when they get a generic email with a generic pitch…


And I know I do this too.

So by using AI we can make a personalized message using information about the lead to make them feel like we actually took the time to get to know them.

This leads to much, much higher conversion rates on emails. Even if it is from 1–2%, on 1,000 emails thats 20 more potential leads.

So whats the trick?

The process I use is by using a tool called Clay.

Clay allows us to make outbound campaigns that are personalized at scale. They offer many enrichment methods to get great bulk data and then craft a personalized AI message en mass.

Let me show you how this works.

Over on Clay you can sign up and and then you will be at the workspace tab. From here lets make a new workspace to get some leads to make our personalized cold emails!

Then from here we can choose many data sources to get information to make our personalized cold email campaigns. Im going to select find people from Linkedin but you can choose whatever method you want to find your people.

On the free plan with Clay you get 2,500 contacts within your search on Linkedin. To get around this you can make multiple tables with sub groups by region. You should then have a table with all of your contacts. When uploading the data you also have the option to enrich the email. I would use this if you want to actually send emails with the Clay data. Otherwise you can upload your own data via CSV if you would like.

The Linkedin data will have more than enough information for us to make a personalized message but you can use Clays enrichment tools to find more information for your leads to make your emails even more personalized. So now lets start building our messages by heading over to “Start Email Campaign”

From here we can draft our emails. We can use “/” to find specific information for each of the leads in each row. Im going to use the name for the subject and first line. And we can also use it to make AI generated messages.

In the AI generated text section we can make prompts with information inputs similar to what we do with the email. But with this case we can tell Clay to make a personalized line based on the persons name and company and job title to make a unique line for them.

Once again I’m using basic Linkedin data but you can use any information to make this line as complex as you want.

And this example is with one sentence, you can have it theoretically write the entire email as well. You can even have Clay generate a sequence of AI emails based on your leads specific needs.

Once you have your template email you can save it for the entire database to get an entire column of personalized AI generated emails.

From here you can run the campaign directly through clay with Smartlead or export the CSV file and use your own email sender of choice.

And your ready to send!

You should now have an entire campaign of great cold emails all personalized with AI to supercharge your conversion rates.

If you want to get started with Clay you can do so here to get 3,000 free credits so you can write an entire campaign of 2,500 linkedin connections for free.

Hope you enjoyed this article!

If you want to see the full video on me doing this check it out here!

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