The Real Way To Make Money With AI

AI is the talk of the town.

And everyone thinks they can hop on ChatGPT, type in a prompt and then print 10k a month.

Well I’m sorry to break it to you but thats not how it works.

People may have gotten lucky with the arbitrage opportunity of making AI generated art and stock videos early, but i assure you this will not last.

Selling AI art is not a sustainable business.

You can make money but only the occasional $5-$10 dollars here and there.

In this article I’m going to show you how you can ACTUALLY make money with AI. And spoiler, it might involve actually doing work.

How To Make Money With AI

The real way to make money with AI is to sell people the solution to their problems by using AI.

Read it again.

It’s not by ChatGPT’ing benjamins, it’s not by Midjourny’ing stock photos to upload to Pinterest.

It’s by utilizing the technology of AI to solve real world problems.

AI is a means to an end not the product itself.

The product is selling the time and money other people can make. How do you do it, AI.

The Trick To Selling AI

Sell the vacation not the trip.

You dont want to tell people, “AI is going to automate your lead flow”. This is crap.

You want to say, “we can double your lead flow in a flick of a switch”. Notice the difference.

You want to tell people what you can provide and then how you do that is with AI.

Apple Knows This

One of the biggest companies Apple has all the tech knowledge in the world.

This keynote.

But they didn’t use the term AI once in their recent spring keynote when AI was all the buzz.

Because they know consumers don’t want the trip, they want the vacation.

Apple went a different route saying “we can now automatically autocorrect 3x better than before” or something like that where they improved autocorrect.

How did they do it?


But they didn’t say that.

Thats the point.

The best way to make money with AI it to tell people how it will help them, not sell the AI itself.

Chatbot Context

Lots of people right now are trying to sell you “chatbots can help lead conversion on your website leading to more people buying your stuff”.

Most people don’t give a fuck what a chatbot is. Let alone AI chatbot.

How will that help them?

“Well it will make you more money and save you time responding to clients” — Say this….

If people see that it’s going to make them more money, then tell them that.

If you confuse any buyer with the AI jargan you are going to confuse the actual goal with what you are trying to accomplish.

So With That Being Said…

If you want to come on the vacation, consider working with me!

Book a free 15 minute consultation to see how AI can help you make more money and save more time.

Hope you enjoyed this article! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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