These 10 Simple Things Will 10X Your Business

You’ve all heard the story. ‘This simple hack will make you rich!”

And I want to preface this article is far from this.

These are 10 simple strategies you and employ in your business to make even more money that what you ever thought was possible.

I’ve helped many businesses implement these strategies I’m about to share and 2x-3x their business in a few short weeks. And in the long term even 5x their revenues.

This article isn’t a simple “pull this lever and let money printer go burr”. This is meant to show you the 10 strategies and automated methods to get more clients and more customers so you can make more money while saving time.

If this sounds interesting to you then keep reading. It’s going to be an overall blueprint that you can follow to get more customers and then convert those customers into paying clients.

It doesn’t matter what your niche is or who you’re selling too, all that matters is that you have a willingness to learn and a drive to see your business succeed.

Also if at any point in time you want further clarification on how these strategies can be implemented in your business feel free to reach out to me for a chat.

So let’s get into it.

Automated Chatbots

At this point now you’re definitely familiar with automated chatbots, and if you’re not let me catch you up to speed.

An automated or AI chatbot is simply a bot that you can put on your website, business portfolio or landing page that allows users to interact with a helpful instant messenger to give them immediate 1:1 interaction with your brand.

What makes todays AI chatbots so powerful is they can be used to do all sorts of things to benefit your business internally and externally.

Internal Chatbots

Internally they can be used for employee training. Every employee can have a chatbot equipped with all the documentation on their job, policies and employee behavior. This means it can all be queried inside an AI chatbot and the employee can ask detailed questions without having to ask management.

This means lots of time can be saved internally. No more having to ask other staff members repetitive questions on how to do something. An employee has a chatbot that works around the clock for them.

Many people see this and assume “this creates a lack of connection between staff members” or something of the sort.

In fact this creates the opposite. Employees get their questions instantly answered which created higher employee satisfaction in the long run. And any questions that cant be answered with a chat can still be directed to the right contact automatically.

So it saves time having to find the right person for the right answer. This is just the beginning when it comes to internal uses for AI chatbots

External Chatbots

The possibilities for using automated chatbots externally are endless.

They can be used to collect emails, phone numbers, potential client information, customer support and so on. The list is really endless and can be tailored to any industry.

Todays chatbot can prompt a potential client or customer with questions like “what can i help you with” and answer with unique custom prompts every time.

These responses can then be recorded and then be used to send automated emails, follow ups and sales sequences so you can close or help on that warm lead or upset customer.

Using chatbots in this way can make the first steps of customer service or client interaction much easier. It makes is easy for any potential client to just input a couple facts about their situation and get personalized feedback with a notification right to your sales teams.

The best part about these chatbots is they work on autopilot for you 24/7. (As long as your website is running of course)

Think of these as mini agents for your businesses helping you keep and retain clients on autopilot.

If you want to check out how you can build your own chatbot for your business check out my video here.

Auto Emailers

Emailing is far from dead. And in todays age it might even be just the beginning.

Auto emailers is a new form of doing outreach that involves automated email campaigns and outreach to get more clients and customers. As well as for customer service.

Services like are fantastic for sending out mass automated email sequences.

The key with these services is you need to be testing the right copy and right scripts to your right demographic. Its a bit tricky to get started but its. a worthwhile investment once you find your winning strategy for your business.

I’ve helped many businesses find their winning strategy and when it works its completely repeatable and allows you to scale your clients on autopilot.

The only bottleneck is emails to outreach and there are many tools nowadays to find these.

One of my favorites is LeadSwift where you can get tons of emails and load them into instantly and then you’re off to the races with leads.

Automatic email is definitely something to look into if you want to increase the amount of leads you can get for your business.

Auto DM

Similarly to automatic email, auto DM ,or direct messages, also involves automatic outreach.

LinkedIn and Instagram are great places to start as the bulk of the majority of peoples clients can be found on those platforms.

The goal with automatic DM’s is to send a bunch of cold DM’s to your target demographic without you having to manually send out a bunch of emails


This is a topic that i want to focus in its own section and it heavily relates to the last 4 topics about chatbots emails and DM’s.

Making your communication methods personal to each of your contact points is crucial to have your business or brand come off as authentic and personable.

People don’t want to feel like they are talking to a bot, so don’t treat them like that.

A major hack to get increased open rates and clients or customers is to make your emails, chatbot’s and DM’s personal.

You can start just by using the prospects name. This is a great first step to make your methods of contact seem much more thoughtful.

It sounds crazy but most of the emails i get don’t even include my name. This signals to me they didn’t even take the time to figure out who I am to see if I’m even worthwhile hearing about their product or service.

From here you can get as specific as you want. You want to make your outreach methods personal and speak directly to the audience you are trying to target.

This is why is good to have a clear picture on your audience and the type of people who want to buy whatever you’re selling. You can create a standard template to speak directly to the customer with some variation to make the message speak directly to them.

Using personalization techniques with AI is how you can achieve unique messages that convert 10x better than if you send the same email or DM out to 1000 people.

Automatic Follow Ups

So you’ve got the message or reply from an email DM or chatbot message.


Now how do we go from that person being not a client or customer, to a patron?

We need to guide them through the process.

And to do that we can use automatic follow ups.

These are basically simple email sequences processes and techniques to always let the potential customer know what the next steps in the process are for working with your business.

For instance after a user puts in their information into a chatbot on your website, there should be sequences in place for them to get a follow up email or text message or something to let them know that help with their problem is on the way.

The last thing you want is for a hungry customer to come for you to fix their problem and then when they come knocking on your door (answering email, dm, chatbot message) theres no one there to tell them what to do.

To fix this you need to have a plan in place for what happens after.

And this doesn’t stop after the initial contact point like a meeting has been met. This continues to happen for the lifecycle of the customer.

Once they have made a decision to work with you, you need to let them know whats going to happen from there, whats the next step, whats it going to look like. Another meeting, an email, a text?

The key with this is it needs to be consistent. You cant sign a client and then say “in 3 weeks your service will be done”. During those 3 weeks the client will be struggling to know whether your doig what you say you are doing.

You need to be constantly following up with your client every couple days or even every day to let them know whats happening to keep them in the loop on delivery.

And this doesn’t need to go on forever.

The goal is to make the first impression from the first day to the first few weeks when a new client works with you so good they tell other people about your stuff.

This is the ideal consumer experience and one that will pay dividends for you and your business.

This stuff is hard to get in place. But it starts with simple automated follow ups and emails just letting the customer know whats happening.

This ultimately leads to better customers who love and rave about your service.


Funnels are like everything we talked about all wrapped up into 1.

Funnels start with a great landing page. This can be anything from your website copy to a sales landing page from a paid traffic ad.

The goal with funnels it to do just what is sounds like, funnel your potential customers to a purchase.

The funnel is a nurturization period where the consumer gets to learn about how you’re speaking to their problems.

Its filled with things like testimonials of other people who had similar problems, and reasons why your solution worked.

It has examples of what the idea solution is and how your product can help your customer. This can take many forms buts its important to be constantly testing your funnels to make sure your messaging is targeting the right people and getting them to buy.

You need to make sure you’re speaking directly to the pain points of their problems and thinking about how you can solve them.

And then the funnel is the journey they go on to discover that you can solve the problem.

The funnel might consist of a landing page with a video with a short webinar with a sales meeting with a follow up with a 10k close.

There is a lot of moving pieces but if each of them are done right it can unlock lots of value for you and your business.

One of the simplest ways to start with testing and optimizing your funnels is by using ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is a way to test and optimize landing pages so you can measure the success of your campaigns and how well people convert on your website.

You can then uses sales auditing techniques to make sure your processes for turning those leads into customers is working well.

This all turns into a well oiled money printing machine.

Nailing funnels right is tough, but if done right it can be a great way to unlock a ton of potential in your business.

Lead Magnets

Who doesn’t like a good free-bie?

Well nowadays if you’re like me, you probably don’t care.

But in order to care you need to be thinking about lead magnets as a product so good it gets the customer wondering about the level of value you could provide if you were paying for their services.

Lead magnets can be anything like an ebook, a template, a guide or consultation to get the potential customer into the ecosystem of using your products. This comes at little or no expense to their time or money.

Most lead magnets now are terrible.

Which is why I advise you make lead magnets so good that people want to buy them, but instead you give them out for free.

A good example is on my most recent video I gave out a free chatbot template and explained how I built and deployed that chatbot.

This is something I would normally charge for but in this case its something that people can use and think “wow this was free? I wonder what he can do if i gave him a couple bucks”.

The key is to make things that are actually valuable and not just a company pen or postcard. It needs to be real value that gets people in the door to using your services.

This doesn’t have to be some Einstien level product either.

For instance, another example I have is on my website is users can take a free 10 question quiz on their business to see how much time they could be saving by using new AI tools.

People love taking quizzes. Especially if at the end they can make more money.

It takes no time for them, and they find a bit more out about how we could help them with no extra time cost to me.

The quiz then directly leads into a section where they can book a call with me to discuss how we can save them time and make more money.

The goal with lead magnets is to make something worthwhile up front and then give it away for free so people want to work with your actual services.

While not everyone will want to work with you, it gets your foot in the door of peoples minds in this overly competitive world.


Social media. Content.

It’s the name of the game in the 21st century. If your not in it, your going to be missing out. And theres a way to do it right without doing dance videos and destroying your mental health.

Nearly half the planet uses social media so you would be silly to dismiss that it cant be used in your business. Your clients are on these platforms so it’s worth the investment.

You need to treat content as a long term investment into your brand. This isn’t something thats going to happen overnight, but once its in place can have returns higher than what you can imagine.

This all starts with doing content right.

You need to make content addressing the pain points and issues from the customer base you server. You can literally start by making videos about your frequently asked questions page.

Its best if the information comes from a real person like a business owner or other staff member but today content can even be made by services like ElevenLabs for audio and then some basic stock video editing.

The goal is to have a catalogue of content to establish you or your brand as the expert in the problem you are trying to solve.

People will naturally seek out the problems you solve and watch your videos.

By you answering their problems it gives you credibility and the ability for them to want to work with you to solve their problems.

Now theres lots that goes into making videos that get views but the important part is focusing on making content that people want to consume.

If you stick with making some instagram posts and youtube videos telling people about how your product helps, in a couple months time you could have a small fanbase actively evangelizing for your service.

The best part of this is that it scales automatically. Once the content is made it can be watched forever.

The hard part is getting started but over time it can compound into something unimaginable.

Dashboards and Tracking

“You can’t improve what you cant measure.”

This is one of the most important things that sets up companies to be great.

You need to be tracking everything or as much as you can about your business.

You need the rates for every step of the client journey to see where people are falling off. You can use this to make improvement to your process to make your business as good as possible.

It’s crazy the amount of mistakes people make in business by not tracking what they are doing.

And the craziest thing too is this can all be done automatically. All it takes is simple marking habits from outcomes to create robust data on how your business is performing.

If people are making it to your landing page but not converting then there is something off with your messaging. You could only know this if you tracked your data.

Tracking all of the information surrounding your business is how you can make the best decisions possible to move the business forward.

Final Thoughts

All of these 10 processes are important to get right if you want to unlock value in your business.

They all take time to get right but if they are done well the returns will be great.

I hope you take this article as a sign of inspiration and motivation to make your business as good as it possibly can be.

And if you want help implementing the strategies to grow your business feel free to reach out to me.

I help business owners and brands implement these strategies to make running their business effortless while making more money in the process.

You can visit my website for an audit on how much money you could be making and time you could be saving, or get straight to booking a call with me.

Anyway I hope this helps! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.

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